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BIM Services

Owner benefits

  • Conception, feasibility and design benefits. Before the owner begin construction, it is necessary to determine whether the structure of a size, quality and desired requirements can be constructed within a budget cost and time.
  • Respond with relative certainty to the financial requirement that the structure will need to meet the expectation that the objectives will be achievable.
  • Early evaluation of design alternatives using analysis/simulation tools increases the overall quality of the structure.


Design Benefits

  • The 3D model generated by BIM software is designed directly instead of generated from multiple 2D views. It can be used to display the design at any stage of the process.
  • Low-level automatic fixes when design changes are made.
  • Accurate and consistent 2D sheet generation at any stage of design. Accurate and consistent drawings can be extracted for any specified set of objects or view in the project. This significantly reduces the amount of time and the number of errors associated with drawing generation.
  • When design changes are required, fully consistent drawings can be generated as soon as design overrides are introduced.


Building Benefits

  • When the intention to prefabricate or pre-assemble is introduced early enough into the design process, BIM effectively facilitates offsite manufacturing and reduces construction time and costs.
  • Quick reaction to design changes. The impact of a suggested design change can be entered into the building model, and changes to the other objects in the layout will be updated automatically.
  • Design changes can be resolved faster in a BIM system because modifications can be shared, visualize, estimate and resolve without the use of time-consuming paper transactions. Upgrading in this way is extremely error-prone in paper-based systems.


Removal of inconsistencies in 2D Plans

  • Discovery of design errors and omissions prior to construction. Because the 3D virtual construction model is the source of all 2D and 3D drawings, design errors caused by inconsistent 2D plans are eliminated.
  • Conflicts and construction problems are identified before they are detected in the field.


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