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Three-dimensional flow modeling for a water discharge project..

Main Features

Hydrological studies focused on determining design flows for different types of infrastructure works. Calculation and design of hydraulic works according to project needs.


Determination of contribution basins and their characteristics for the calculation of flows for the correct sizing of infrastructure works.

Delimitation and characterization of the basin

Determination of the limits of the contribution basins and their physical parameters for calculation and modeling of flows.

Design rainfall

Statistical analysis of rainfall data and alternative methodologies for determining design rainfall to define flow rates.


Sewers and similar crossing works

For road works in general.

Calculation and design of different types of infrastructure works.

Canals and aqueducts

In addition, it includes the design of complementary works such as transitions, jumps, rapids, etc.

Irrigation systems

Analysis and study of different alternatives to optimize the use of water.

Regulation and protection works

Design of works whose objective is to control the flows to be transported and/or to protect against possible negative effects, such as erosion, dragging of material, etc.

Rainwater discharge works

Modeling of rainwater discharge works in rural and urban areas

Fluvial hydraulics

Geomorphological analysis of rivers and their characterization for modeling in order to determine maximum flood levels and other parameters for erosion estimation in bridge abutments and bridge piers.

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