Engineering Consultant, Surveying and Road Works Inspection


Main Features

Executive projects of reinforced concrete and metallic structures, developed within the framework of road and hydraulic projects, and preparation of technical documentation to be presented to the corresponding entities. Evaluation of civil structures and execution of non-destructive tests on all types of structures. Adaptation of regulations to international standards.

Bridge in progress. Province of Buenos Aires

Bridges & Viaducts

Execution of a numerical model with structural software, dimensioning, calculation and structural verification of the elements that make up the structure, and preparation of the executive project documentation.


Documentation applicable to international standards AASHTO LRFD Bridge Designe Specifications 2014.



Large span bridges developed to overcome depressions, obstacles, etc.


Bridges at different levels, crossing with national or state roads or highways.

Bridges over Rivers

Bridges over natural or artificial water courses. Calculation of general and localised erosion in infrastructure.

Bridges over F.F.C.C.

Reconditioning, Rehabilitation and Implementation of Bridges and Viaducts for Rail Transit.

Pedestrian Bridges/Walkways

Pedestrian-only bridges.

Retaining Walls

Dimensioning and structural calculation of the elements that make up the structure. Verification of the stability conditions and geotechnical capacity of the support soil with soil improvement if necessary.

Reinforced Concrete Retaining Walls

Walls that allow to resist horizontal efforts produced by the push of the ground, taking into account overloads and seismic thrust.

Mechanically Stabilized Soil Walls

Walls that allow the containment of the access embankment to bridges and viaducts.

Non-Destructive Testing and Evaluation of Civil Structures

Execution of Non-Destructive Testing and Sample Extraction on existing structures, foundations and soils. Soil laboratory.


Structural evaluation in Steel Bridges, reinforced and prestressed concrete structures.

Geotechnical Engineering

Pile Integrity Test (PIT), dynamic pile test, determination of pile depth. Machine foundations, soil-structure interaction.


SASW (Spectral Analyzes of Surface Waves) and MAWS (Multichannel Analyzes of Surface Waves) methods.

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